27/03/2014 @08:08:55 ^13:45:53

A reappraisal of NDCP2

Inspired by a thread I downloaded NewDoom Community Project II again to remind myself which levels were worth playing and which were "travesties". In summary, there are quite a few levels worth playing. Also, those I put in the final category have their fair share of fans, even if I found them odious. It takes all sorts.


I can recommend these for playing.

Decent but...

Maps that are fine but I don't want to put them in the "I really enjoyed this and recommend it" section.


These are worthy of playing, but will disappoint the player with bugs. However the bugs won't prevent finishing the level.


These can't be finished for one reason or another. Would like to recommend, but cannot.

"What were they thinking?"

The maps that gave the original "travesty" impression. Overengineered map design using as many Boom features as possible, new ugly textures that appear to be made at high resolution and squashed awkwardly down to Doom's graphics resolution, excesses of animations including the infamous epilepsy-inducing strobe texture, all put into maps that are often little more than corridor mazes.