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Okay I finally managed to get 100% kills starting each level from scratch on this thing and so I should post about it I guess. Plus I have to do at least one entry a month no matter how half-arsed it is. Vanguard is a 13-level Doom2 pwad that won a bunch of awards this year. It is in three mini-episodes of 5, 5, and 2 levels respectively, themes being ancient stone ruins, grey techbases, and hell temples/caverns. Then there is a final bonus thing that's based off some old NES boxing game as far as I can tell.

good stuff

not so good stuff

Yeah the real reason I write these things is to pick holes in good wads.


I think you should definitely play this if you haven't already. The best wads to post about, though, are the good ones that have holes, because it's somehow much easier to write about them.