28/08/2006 @16:36:41 ^18:41:43


Yes, finally, the demos update I should have done months ago. I managed to do that demo for 1fifrmx that I was talking about, so here it is along with every Doom demo I've done that's still in my /stuff directory.

Wad Map Category Time Compatibility Engine Notes
Fiffy Remix E2M1 UV Max 7:30 Boom rboom  
dac17 (hanger) E1M1 UV Max 3:39 DoomU  
dac12 (sp_advent) MAP01 UV Max 3:40 Doom2  
dac11 (crstone) MAP01 UV Max 2:15 Doom2 PrBoom 2.2.6  
Congestion 1024 MAP07 UV Max 1:15 Boom beaten (0:58)
Community Chest MAP16 UV Max 4:30 Doom2 PrBoom 2.2.4 beaten (3:48)
Speed Villa MAP01 UV Max 1:10 None (dac19)
UV Speed 0:19
UV Pacifist 0:25
NM Speed 0:35
eaxt.wad MAP02 HNTR Max 3:37  
HNTR Speed 1:15  
Blastem2 MAP01 UV Speed 2:38  
UV Max 9:18  
spark.wad MAP01 UV Max 2:15 PrBoom 2.2.3  
UV Max 4:44 First exit