24/12/2004 @13:57:40 ^16:56:29

Hi, Barry Scott here to tell you HOW MUCH THIS SUCKS

Did anybody else see Stannah Stairlifts in one of the advert breaks in Gremlins?


The girl challenged me to a speedmapping contest, which I won comfortably. She didn't even finish, huh. Okay okay I had an advantage, I've tried (and failed miserably) to do speedmapping contests before, and I picked the theme ("the theme is a roman villa, you have to start outside, and there has to be a courtyard in the middle"), and when the 100 minutes were up I wasn't quite done so I changed the rules and granted an extension to take it to two hours. But still.

Anyway the map is named Speed Villa. I replayed Curses a few weeks ago and I think I was thinking of the endgame when I came up with the theme. Please note it is a speedmap so there's no texture alignment and some areas are pretty bare and look shitty. MAP01 is the 120 minute version, MAP02 is the 100 minute version which I only put in for completeness.

I found it quite fun to play repeatedly so I made a bunch of demos for it, all of which require PRBoom and are included in the zip:

I don't like nightmare mode very much. Pacifist is basically the same as speed only you're not allowed to directly harm any of the monsters. This means no shooting monsters, no shooting barrels to kill monsters, and indeed no firing weapons unless it's to activate an impact linedef. Actually I think you might be allowed to fire to wake monsters up, I forget.

I can hear the sound of sleighbells no wait it's just the roof leaking

That is all, merry fucking christmas