31/12/2009 @18:47:37 ^19:07:00

To finish off the year here are two wads, one of which I've been putting off talking about for ages (I started, and the file was 10KB long before I was even halfway done and I was bored) and another that I plain forgot about. They're both megawads.

Whispers of Satan

The latest megawad from Paul Corfiatis and Kristian Aro (2002ADO, Death Tormention 3 etc.) It's pretty much what you'd expect from both of them but updated with all the tropes and fashions of modern mapping. It also impressed me due to the sheer number of - well, not ZDoomisms per se, but... how many infelicities in Boom's implementation of its own features that it manages to trip over? I could write 10KB just about that...

Anyway so due to various issues I didn't think it was great but a lot of people did so unless you're really anal or something you should probably play it (and probably have played it already)

Heroes' Tales

A megawad for TNT:Evilution by the Russian Doom community iddqd.ru. It's mostly 4 hour speedmaps, but they're decent. The obvious exceptions to speedmaps are those by the guy who compiled the wad, who I think fairly obviously took the opportunity to spruce his own submissions maps up a lot!

There's a few annoying maps in here but some fun ones too so go play it sometime.