27/12/2012 @06:52:41 ^08:58:43

Now the awards are written and published let's see how well I did!

Oversights, assessment

Base Ganymede I completely forgot the full version qualified for this year. As single-author megawads are likely to get awards I was not surprised that it was there, I just thought it was last year.

Combat Shock 2 I've played this (as well as the original) but for some reason didn't see it as possible award material. Perhaps because

  1. it's a slaughter wad; these sadly never fare well in reviews because most players find them unplayably hard, and
  2. it's basically more Sunder - Sunder being a wad that is all but guaranteed an award if it was ever released properly, and so distinctive that it has spawned several clones. I have pointed out in a couple of /newstuff chronicles threads that Sunder is being eclipsed by said clones.

Mordeth award: cchest4 I really should have got this one.

Unknown projects I'd never actually heard of several of the projects before.

Conclusion I have no idea why I wrote all of that.