28/02/2013 @10:39:30 ^10:53:54


I found this thing when looking for another wad with the same name (a tiny circular deathmatch map that inexplicably had an entire Odamex server to itself).

Shoot! is a 2008 offering from Chris Hansen (of CH_Retro, etc.), a Doom2 map with no particular theme. It has base parts and caves and brick and all sorts. It's nice with height changes and glimpses into places you can't reach immediately. It's not too hard although can be tricky. You don't get any of the bigger weapons and much of the map is spent with nothing but shotgun+chaingun, so some fights can seem tedious. But that might just be my impatience showing. There are two secrets - I liked the backpack one, but the other is an obviously mis-coloured wall that I spent ages searching for the trigger, not realising that it isn't activatable until much later in the map.

There are a few minor bugs mostly in the form of solid hanging bodies. You can grab the yellow key through the bars, and exit the map very quickly - this is probably unintentional, but the grab is incredibly easy to do even by accident, which made me wonder if it wasn't left in.

All in all, certainly worth playing, though.