25/08/2013-26/08/2013 @02:53:36 ^03:54:05

It's a wonder it even runs the game any more

I've cut so much stuff that I don't use and/or don't care about out of rboom that it's smaller than the original source release.

linuxdoom-1.10 rboom (2013-08-26)
Totals grouped by language
ansic: 36103 (99.48%) ansic: 35851 (99.99%)
asm: 190 (0.52%) sh: 2 (0.01%)
Total Physical Source Lines of Code (SLOC)
36,293 35,893

Not saying it'll stay that way forever but I still find this hilarious. Data by SLOCCount, HTMLified by some idiot with too much time on his hands.