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I wanted to clear this out from my PrBoom todo file but I think it is of historical interest (to me, anyway.) So why not put it here... Slightly edited for clarity, with notes added in smaller text.

mentioned by debian/bad_menu_lumps.txt

A file in Debian's PrBoom source package; you can view it online here. It also mentions several lumps left over from PrBoom v2.3 which I didn't list. The graphics lumps are considered non-free because they are derived from the original game data. Although id tend to turn a blind eye towards people reusing modified IWAD stuff in PWADs, it's not technically free (as in software.)

Used in options menu:

Used in options/setup menu:

Used in mouse sensitivity menu:

Used as title of credits screen:

The engine can now cope with any or all of the above lumps being missing from the data wad. For each menu if any of the lumps it needs are missing, it will draw the entire menu in smallfont instead. This seemed like an acceptable workaround (to me, anyway.)

mbf helper dog sprites

MBF used sprites from Wolfenstein 3D for its helper dogs. The obvious thing to do was pinch resources from Freedoom to use as a replacement, and that's exactly what I ended up doing. Now hopefully I can remove the compile-time option to build the game without dogs again... (I tried to do so before, but they asked to have it put back in...)