30/04/2012 @21:42:09 ^02:27:00

Pallace Skorn

This is a single-map wad set in a kind of jungle temple. It replaces a couple of the monsters and weapons. The imp becomes a kind of green lizard thing that throws green fire at you and the chaingunner becomes a commando with an uzi. You can get this uzi which is more or less a sped-up version of the chaingun, but unfortunately an off-centre weapon, hard to aim with. The pistol gains a silencer, although it does not affect its behaviour, just its look and sound. Some of the sound effects (the imp replacement's wake and death sounds) are in .wav format. They don't work properly in engines that don't support playing .wavs directly (such as the engine the text file claims is required...)

The architecture is quite simple with even natural rock areas being quite angular, and there isn't much in the way of clever lighting. The wad adds quite a lot of new textures, which are fine but didn't sort of make you go "wow" or anything. It's basically like something out of 1996; indeed it all added up to being vaguely reminiscent of All Hell Breaks Loose. A cut-down version, obviously.

The uzi (chaingun replacement) is arguably too fast; it renders most monsters incapable of returning fire. It certainly does use up ammunition at quite a rate, you have to watch you don't hold the fire button down any longer than necessary. The map ending, in which you fight a cyberdemon in quite a cramped chamber under the temple, is rather trivialised by the weapon immobilizing the monster. (The level ends when it dies, bear that in mind if you want to go hunt for items/secrets before you fight it.) However, the imp replacement is harder to kill than the original, and its projectiles move much faster; the chaingunner replacement, although weaker, has its highly sped-up weapon, and can eat your health up very quickly.