29/09/2012 @23:07:33 ^23:19:59

malgnant.wad (malignant.wad)

Three medium-sized buildings surrounded by grass and roads. Looks kind of corporate, like some offices or a hotel or some such (the text file says "government-style buildings") This single map is straight out of the middle of the nineties and has the atmosphere to match, and I rather liked it.

It's not very hard, but is top-heavy. As you go on you get obscene amounts of ammunition and might end up missing secret areas because there's just no reason to walk into them. One secret is inaccessible; you can pick up the computer map, but you can't fit into the sector in front of it.

I only downloaded it because it has a replacement title screen that is weirdly corrupted in a way that can make your engine crash, and I wanted to test it, and steal the patch from PrBoom+. But the map itself is worth playing.