24/10/2012 @18:04:43 ^18:29:49

Heroes 2

A followup to Heroes, this is the Doom 2 version. 32 slightly-modified maps from 1994/1995 or so. Has the same replacement sound effects, which again I could mostly do without.

In this one several of the maps are clearly products of DM2CONV and its distinctive default configuration; some have been further tweaked after conversion.

I had fun playing this wad. Most of the maps are worth playing at least once, although maybe not more than that. I like old wads as they tend to give you far more health and ammunition than you need, so they're not frustrating in the way modern maps are. I also had fun tracking down the original versions of some of the included maps and comparing them to see what had changed. All in all, a good time for the obsessive!

Oh before I forget, map01 needs a specific compatibility level to run. The barrel telefrag switches will leave you zombified unless you play in doom2.exe compatibility. In Boom and upwards you don't become invulnerable before half a dozen voodoo dolls take a 70% damage, in doom you become invulnerable the instant the switch is pressed. It's a clever mapping hack though, knocking voodoo dolls into teleporter lines to kill monsters.