13/04/2008 @09:36:17 ^10:29:59

Pet Killer

Okay so you have three wads in two zips.

What intrigues me most about this wad is the ending - it looks for all the world like an E1M8 thing where you have to kill some barons to lower a wall. This is especially true of pet.wad which doesn't have any other barons in the rest of the map. On the other hand in petkillr it'd be really annoying to get to the end having missed some and having no idea why the exit isn't opening. You aren't forced to get 100% kills, indeed you can get to the end without seeing the baron that guards the plasma gun.

There is also a cyberdemon that is trivial to dodge. So then you have the version of petkillr in wadpak2. You have to leave the thing alive and come back for it to get 100% kills here, because otherwise the map will end halfway through - it replaces E2M8. This seems to be a deliberate choice by wadpak2's compiler, I doubt he'd put it at E2M8 by pure chance. Very strange.