20/09/2008 @10:11:23 ^11:53:57

Entrapment A decent slime-filled techbase map. Rather green. The architecture and lighting is good. It's still a bit disjoint, though. Not too hard, might kill you a couple of times before you beat it, but once you know it you should find it manageable. Worth playing. I just wish the various sections weren't so separate from each other.

Lop3 A single large map. Starts off mostly as a sequence of smallish "rooms" (quotes because they're outdoor areas or caves, but they're still small rooms.) There are lots of traps. Later there are some larger areas, which are an improvement. The texturing is quite messy, in a mid nineties random style, although a common theme is blood, rocks, earth and wood. It's not unplayable, but nothing special and I'm bored of wads made of largely disjoint small areas.

MASTURBATION MAGAZINE 1 Like Kama Sutra, don't let the name put you off, there's only a crude title picture and intermission screen. Unlike Kama Sutra, the maps are fairly mediocre. We have four of them:

It would be worth downloading for map01, if map01 didn't have that bug in it, or for the atmospheric map02, if actually playing map02 wasn't as annoying. As it is though, probably not worth the bother.