13/10/2008 @08:46:33 ^09:48:38

All right I'd better write something before the page empties again

The question of when to release the next version of PrBoom came up again so I've spent much of the past week trying to fix things and backport code from PrBoom-plus. It's pretty fun sometimes when you can just get your revision control system to do half the work for you but frustrating when I find I have to force myself to write code I don't actually care about (like I would cheerfully drop PNG screenshots to avoid having to do more work with libpng, since you can do screenshots in one line with SDL_SaveBMP if you don't mind getting them in BMP format and converting them later)

Speaking of revision control systems I should do a post about how I've started using Git as a layer on top of Subversion, but half the internet has done that already. Suffice to say it's probably the best thing I've done all year. The only drawback I can see so far is that CIA isn't designed for receiving a large number of small commits at once, especially with my overly verbose commit messages, and its announcements bot takes ages to catch up.

A couple of maps I looked at briefly: