19/07/2008 @21:07:56 ^23:08:12

More Roguelikes

Last week version 0.4 of Dungeon Crawl Stone Soup came out. I tried playing the previous version 0.3.4 a few months ago and got nowhere, but this one seems to be a bit more tractable. It looks like Nethack but isn't really like it at all - Nethack is a puzzle, hard unless you know how to solve it. Crawl is more like a tactical battle that you're not supposed to need spoilers to complete because sufficient information is available in the game, or something. Anyway it's pretty fun for now until I get bored of dying to out-of-depth monsters again.

(Speaking of Nethack I have another ascendable wizard sat in the Castle. I wasn't planning on this but I randomly started a game and it gave me both the spell of charm monster and a ring of conflict, it was like, do you want me to ascend or something? However he's been sat in there for several months because I don't feel like doing Gehennom.)

TV shows you should be embarrassed to like

The finale of Avatar: The Last Airbender is on later in America. It's been quite an agonising wait over the past few months as nobody had any idea when the final episodes would be shown, if they would be at all, but here we are.

This is a surprisingly entertaining show and you should watch it if you like fantasy and magic and martial arts and blah blah blah. Also if you like Star Wars or Harry Potter, it seems to be if you like those, you have a good chance of liking this. I don't know, I just think it's funny and full of hugely likable characters. Never mind if it's for children or whatever.

I'm pretty excited to be honest.