21/11/2008 @20:39:11 ^21:35:49

PrBoom 2.5.0

Yeah I probably should have waited until it was a new month before posting the last post so this month wasn't completely devoid of updates. Oh well, onward.

I guess the only thing I really have to post about is that PrBoom 2.5.0* was released a couple of weeks ago. It had been nearly two years, and SVN had a number of fixes some might consider to be essential, so it was good to see it happen. Nevertheless as ever I was incredibly nervous.

Anyway along with that, and working on rboom, I've been spending more time patching the game than actually playing it. I'm finding that more enjoyable than writing map reviews at the moment, hence the greater-than-usual lack of updates.

* We decided at the last minute that there were enough changes and enough time had passed since 2.4.7 to bump the version number a bit further. Typically enough I was slightly disappointed about missing the chance to have three consecutive powers of two...