05/02/2010 @20:53:49 ^23:12:44

Satan's Angel

A remake of Plutonia map27. It's pretty good, although aggravatingly hard, with long range chaingunners and constant attacks from all directions. But then, so was the original. So, just like the original I turned the skill down to HNTR, and then it was fun.

Shai'tan's Luck

Eleven maps starting at map20. The first has a boss spawner in quite a small room and the text afterwards says something about it being a simulator and now you can go onto the real thing. These maps are pretty hard and highly populated, especially the last three which are all well over 1000 monsters. The first two of these were my favourites: 27 starts off inauspiciously but I liked the huge outdoor part at the end, and 28 which is a gothic castle and small town was good as well.

However there seems to be a certain lack of testing, with weird bugs on more than one map. Unreachable secrets, unwakeable/unkillable monsters, a pair of light goggles embedded in the floor in one map... Bad nodebuild or broken/unclosed sectors? I didn't really look into it.


dethe1m1.WAD Original version of urbnbeta. This earlier version is populated by nothing but zombies, however there's no health and you only have your 100 hit points, so it's not trivial. It's ever so slightly simpler, there are no secrets (although some hidden areas still exist) and the update has less ugly texture choices, although I kind of like the original's sky texture replacement. Finally its exit is supposedly co-op only but I think that's only if you're a ham-fisted keyboard player from 1994. With a mouse and straferunning, it's quite easy to just run to it if you know where to go.

Mariko Kouda DOOM ][ (a modification edition) One pretty badly-made map, a load of textures featuring anime characters, and a lot of sounds replaced with lines presumably spoken by the actress in the title. This wad is pretty terrible but it made me laugh quite a lot. The file's datestamp is 1996. Moe is older than I thought...