10/09/2010 @15:22:00 ^15:42:27

I spent a week's worth of Dooming replaying Armadosia. I think most of what I said 5 years ago still applies. It's an incredibly impressive piece of work, especially if you like enormous "long trek" style maps. And its architecture has the right balance: plain but functional, decent but not an overdetailed mess of linedefs. But it's full of bugs both minor and major, and too much of its gameplay just ends up just the wrong side of irritating.

Revenant Battlefield: Slaying Daredevils Afterwards I found this in /newstuff. It's a large grassy plain with a plutonia-style hedge maze in one corner. And every inch of it is smothered in revenants. Yeah it's a bit silly but I had fun with it. If I recall correctly I managed to beat it without cheating on I'm Too Young To Die (1300 revenants, half damage) and then on Ultra Violence (1900 revenants) with hoover mode turned on. One thing to note is that a little way inside the maze there are a couple of hidden linedefs that start off a crushing ceiling that, 8 minutes later, crushes all the revenants that are on the outer wall, so you don't have to shoot them.