30/04/2010 @16:24:18 ^16:59:26

Lots of things have happened recently and they've all been utter disasters and I don't feel much like talking about anything to anyone or posting on here or interacting with the world at all, but I have to post here at least once in each month else it messes the archive up.


I have vague memories of playing

Both of these are excellent if you are into the modern game. I should do a proper post about both of them but I can't be bothered. Also:


Still messing with this occasionally. I found it's much less aggravating if you hack it a bit to make it easier. My favorite simple change is an increase in the number of items randomly generated, mostly to find more spellbooks. Playing in wizard mode helps too of course!

I still seem to spend more time watching other people play it via telnet, though.

Project Euler

I finished the first page of Project Euler in Python. This took a few days, although those days were spread out over some months. Trying some of them in Lua as well.

I still read his name as "You-ler" even though I know it's supposed to be "Oiler" or some such. This is what happens when you read a word or name years before you hear anyone pronounce it.