30/08/2010 @11:37:44 ^12:46:34

Quadruple Threat

Four speedmaps, joined together in the middle, one mapper's work making a central hub leading to three others' as separate sections.

A good map, a bit too hard for me on UV (and skill settings didn't seem to do much) and with a couple of annoying parts. Very disjoint of course, but what with the way it's been made, you can't really help that.

Grind II (v1.3.0)

This is a small level I vaguely remember playing in 2002 when it came out. It is divided into a half dozen or so sub-areas which all vary wildly in theme, making it a little odd. There's a library, a dark underground cave, an outdoor area with a big helipad, an old storage warehouse that you need to blow up a wall to get inside, a pair of bathrooms with big mirrors in them, and a couple of others that are harder to describe.

Most of the areas are interconnected in some way so you get a lot of choice about how to do the map, but that also means you can get lost if you're not paying attention. The architecture is pretty detailed and the texturing of each area was done properly as far as I checked. As for resistance, there are only about 20 monsters. So, the map is quite empty, but ammunition is very tight, you can't really waste any at all.

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