31/05/2010 @13:13:10 ^14:41:53

ZDoom to get vanilla-like gameplay modes?

Interesting thread on Doomworld entitled "altered gameplay behavior in ZDoom". Starting the thread, ZDoom co-author Graf Zahl writes:

I decided to restore some of the original gameplay behavior that has been altered in ZDoom over the years.

This piqued my interest since I'm always complaining about this or that issue with ZDoom in maps.

However later in the thread he goes on to say:

I won't change anything that'[s] actually a bug fix with no impact on gameplay.

The idea here is to address the big gameplay issues that keep certain people from using ZDoom.

So it looks like ZDoom's lack of interoperability (i.e. the tendency of maps tested in ZDoom to fail on all other engines, despite the map not being intended as ZDoom-specific) is still not considered an issue; such problems have no impact on gameplay within ZDoom, despite their detrimental effect for anyone else. Oh well.

I should probably post this as a reply to the thread rather than waffling here, but...