09/03/2009 @23:26:39 ^23:56:31

Might as well be dead (again) (redux) (*yawn*)

As of today I'm a socially retarded cripplingly shy overgrown manchild whose age starts with a 3 so if the hole in my CV isn't enough to make me unemployable, that surely will.

Not doing these birthday updates any more

I know updating today is supposedly a tradition but I'm sick of the past being a millstone round my neck (not to mention, given the previous section, how depressing it obviously is, nobody wants to read that) so in future years I won't bother unless something actually happens (which it won't)

Can't be bothered to post at all really

I have a few site updates in my head but am as usual thoroughly bored of writing. However the difference this time is, now, the site is all static files. This means there's none of the usual pressure to write something before the page empties itself automatically. Thus I expect posts to become even more sporadic.