01/07/2009 @16:16:00 ^17:22:53

Centrum As I said, the latest in a series, and an E2M4 replacement. Tightly-packed rooms and hallways, switches everywhere, 12 secrets, and quite a lot of monsters; pretty much the same as the series' E2M3 replacement. Not overwhelmingly difficult, keeps it simple and Doom-ish, and looking nicely like an old school map. Not that much like E2M4 though. Two halves divided by a giant bridge..?

Elizabeth A classic Doom 2 techbase, recently appearing in /newstuff. Built on a large scale with high ceilings, wide corridors and some intriguing interconnections. Quite plain, but not too dull. Mix and match theme, techbase panelling next to bricks. The classic look of a myriad of mid-nineties Doom 2 maps. I liked this. I think its monster placement and ammunition distribution could do with a bit of tweaking though.

Outpost (outpostj.wad) A short brick map. Vaguely residential. Not bad but felt to me like it is unfinished and there should be more of it. However its datestamp in the zip was 2003 so I guess it's not going to be developed any more...