17/04/2009 @21:51:03 ^22:19:56

Da Will

An episode for Plutonia, although some of the levels only require Doom2 textures. The best map is probably 8, a city, with lots of height differences and running battles with large crowds of monsters. Also of note are 3 and 10 - although the former is confusing and complex and the latter has a couple of ZDoomisms (I'm sure that one secret is meant to be accessed via archvile jump, but it's way too high)

Some of the other maps are a bit mediocre or awkward to play, but it's worth a go.


A nice episode of small maps, split into two parts. Firstly, a set of maps with a common theme of structures floating in a red sky. These maps are generally wide open, with cage bars instead of walls. The latter half becomes more conventional, and has no overall theme.

Again worth a go, the map07 replacement is rather good.

UAC Outpost 11

Single map techbase. Quite impressive opening, standing before a tall structure rather similar to the start of Equinox. Interior is a fairly standard, but neatly detailed Doom2 base.

Only real trouble is the blue key has a habit of not teleporting. However it only means you can't get in the exit, you can still kill everything. That doesn't make it any less of a bug but it wasn't as irritating as it could have been.

The unnamed base

The most noticable thing about this map are the textures that in four places emblazon the map with the author's name and three Doom news/community sites of varying degree of popularity. Other than that it's another smallish map of varied theme, mostly base but with some other stuff too. It's not very polished and there are some gameplay irritations (it's not obvious you're supposed to jump in the river, but if you do before you press the switch you're stuck; lots of plasma but no weapon)