09/09/2009 @23:55:40 ^00:50:16

Scythe X. Episodes 1-2

Yes, more Scythe. I was as surprised as anyone.

Two episodes of 5 maps each, small to medium size (a couple have over 100 monsters). The first five are techbases, and the second five are supposed to be on a space station - which in practice means more techbases, but floating in space, Vrack-style (in fact I think it's the same sky texture)

Map layout, interconnection, glimpses etc. that's all excellent, as you'd expect. Difficulty is very similar to the first two episodes of Scythe 2. Four easy maps followed by a slightly harder one to finish the first episode, then a few more easy but getting harder maps until the last one, map 10, which is quite tough. I still found most of it fun, in spite of how easily I get irritated by even reasonably-made maps these days, which says a lot. I could have done without the Dehacked monsters at the end of map10 though, they were annoying.

In the end, though, it's more Scythe. What are you going to do, other than play it as soon as you heard about it?