26/09/2009 @16:02:46 ^18:14:04

Mini-level megawad

This is a 32-level megawad of small maps. This in itself should be a cause for excitement.

It uses plain doom2 iwad textures throughout, is relatively low detailed, and has a certain lack of polish (moving doortracks, bits of architecture hanging from the sky) which all contribute to a rather old school feel. That is not unwelcome, though. Slightly more unwelcome was poor monster teleporter design (too slow as usual, and single-use teleporter lines) and the odd ZDoomism (the worst probably being you must somehow let a monster open a door from the other side in map21 because on your side there's a walk trigger in front of it. At least it doesn't make the map unbeatable, though)

Gameplay is tough; in fact I would say it can be quite cruel. I started off trying to do each map from pistol starts on UV, but gave up on that fairly quickly (map07 I could not do at all) Even on HNTR there were a couple of the later levels I lost patience with. Playing the wad with savegames one map after another I managed to get to map29, but haven't got past it yet. I need more luck and faster reactions, I guess.

In summary, it's a megawad of small maps, which is good, but slightly buggy, and somehow just the wrong side of frustrating, to be great.

Communications Center

A small techbase map. Suffers mildly from overdetailed corridor syndrome: it's almost entirely made of corridors of varying widths, with relatively few windows, glimpses or other forms of non-traversible interconnection (I just made that term up) It is not overdetailed but the simplistic layout makes it seem like it is.

Gameplay-wise it is quite easy. Mostly the monsters are of the smaller variety, but apart from a hidden super shotgun you are not given any of the larger weapons either. It requires you to backtrack a lot more than is necessary, making the map seem more confusing than it should be, and artificially lengthened.* Still, once you know the layout it is fun and replayable.

* Naturally I had typed out a long diatribe detailing all aspects of what I saw as the odd flow of the map - the switch opposite the yellow key not lowering it but opening access to another switch on other other side of the level that did, or the way that the archvile trap on the red key was completely avoidable, and it was far more expedient just to teleport back - but it would probably have taken as long to read than it would take to play the map and see for yourself.

Selfish Series (Boom Edition)

I'm not entirely sure what the point of this modification is. Admittedly it's been several years since the last time I played this 7-level mapset, but having played through it again, there is no obvious difference from the one I played back then.

It still even has the broken archvile teleporter on map06 (selfish3).