28/02/2011 @17:37:54 ^18:12:19

I am sitting here looking at a blank terminal, thinking it's the end of the month, I should write at least one more post for this month, but I can't think of anything.

Due to aforementioned infelicities between SDL and the window manager I use I haven't played Doom much, so I have no new levels to write about, I still have no idea how to fix this short of switching window managers, which would be very annoying.

Oh, I know, this should fill up some pixels:

git diff, wads, and textconv

A cool trick you can do with newer versions of git. Suppose you edit a wad in a repository, then type git diff. You just get

Binary files a/blah.wad and b/blah.wad differ

Yes I know they differ, I just edited the thing. So do this

You end up with basically a diff of the two text dumps. Readable diffs for wads! I literally wept.