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I'm totally chickening out of actually posting this reply to this

Never_Again said:
In PrBoom - maybe, that port has been dead for years.

You are referring to the unfortunate fact that there has not been a release since 2008. I am the only recently active committer to PrBoom (trunk). I would like to think there's been enough done since 2.5.0 to warrant at least a point release, but I can't do releases by myself. So I just push patches to SVN occasionally, to scratch my own itches, or fix "easy" bugs reported by others. Sometimes I cherry-pick patches directly from plus but I don't see the point in just blindly copying everything entryway does. In that case we might as well delete trunk and replace it with a copy of plus.

What do you think we should do? Do you think we should just kill it and put a note on the website that says "this project is superseded by PrBoom-Plus, use that instead"? I think that would be a shame...

Sigh, some people would actually get motivated by this kind of thing, but not me, I just get sad.