11/10/2011 @21:25:11 ^21:46:36

Exalt not the Wicked

The ninth map in the Wicked series replaces map11 with a thing that could be described as an overgrown tech fortress. It's vanilla-compatible and quite disjoint - rooms (often circular), corridors, pathways, not much in the way of views of different parts of the level you haven't reached yet. The tech part gives way to an outdoor slime river, then returns back and there's a second flooded outdoor bit. Then the level ends after a kind of arena fight.

Difficulty is tricky. Ammunition is fairly limited and having hindsight of some of the traps definitely helped. Getting 100% kills without using savegames wasn't too hard though, after having played it with savegames first.

One interesting bug: you can't get back out of the penultimate area with the big monsters because the bars you jump over to get there never lower. This is because their sectors do not have the correct tag; instead, the linedefs surrounding them have the tag. Not the sort of error you'd expect from someone who has been mapping for 10+ years...