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two threads about PrBoom death in a week, what is going on

Unlike last time I actually posted the reply! Link

I don't think PrBoom (trunk) is dead, but I'm the idiot who keeps making commits to it so I may be biased :-P

I think there's enough new stuff in trunk to warrant at least a point release, but then there's still a lot of missing features that plus has and trunk does not. Furthermore I can't do much besides commit code. I don't have sourceforge access to do releases or the knowledge of how to do them, and even if I had I can't do the Windows or Mac builds (honestly, nor would I want to)

So I just occasionally commit stuff that "scratches my own itches" and/or fixes obvious bugs that are easy to fix, in a futile gesture against the inevitable.

And yeah sometimes I wonder what the point is. I love entryway and what he does but I don't see the point in just copying it blindly. If we did that we might as well delete trunk entirely and put a note on the website "go and use plus instead, last one to leave turn off the lights". On the other hand Proff did once say trunk and plus should be much closer together than they are, and it is his project (especially so now cph has gone) so I don't know what to do.

check out my cool debian bug reports

Patches too. I'm quite pleased with a couple of them, especially 616319 which took a bit of figuring out.

Still haven't figured out this wretched awesome/SDL resolution change clash thing but at least now I think I know which area of the code it's in!

Oh and I still haven't figured out how to get mplayer to play 6-channel sound either (I think that's more something to do with alsa though) which means I still haven't seen the Haruhi movie argh