09/09/2011 @12:21:26 ^13:23:02

Doom Wiki

The Doom Wiki moved from its old home on Wikia to a new host. In a fit of exhuberance I made an account*.

Then earlier today I wrote a page on an old bug I reported years ago: Wrong sound for exit switches, one of the three original switch sound origin bug patches which I blame for my ending up with commit access to PrBoom in the first place. I suppose I shall do the other two, in time.

Also I did a mass search and replace of link URLs on this site. There weren't that many. I don't usually bother updating links in old posts but they're trying really hard to deprecate the old version so I thought I should help.

* note to self: mediawiki account names are case sensitive, and if you try to use all lower case it will capitalise the first letter.

High-Profile Modern Map Releases

I seem to be halfway through a large number of recent high-profile wad releases. These include:

** Officially TECHBASE.WAD, although there are several variants of TECHBASE's layout. Another version of the same map can be found in Serenity, for instance. They were all based on an example that came with an old map editor - see the comments there for a list.