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Two maps requiring the Plutonia IWAD. From the text file:

An attempt to create difficult, non-linear maps in the plutonia visual style, without going the slaughterfest route.

Very successful attempt. The layouts are excellent and the architecture is clean and well-constructed without being overdetailed. Difficulty is maintained by there always being something that can shoot at you from some long way away no matter where you are currently standing, or you're locked in some small room with something nasty, that sort of thing.

In map01 I would have liked to have been able to get the backpack earlier. Map02 I don't think I ever managed to quite finish even on HNTR, due to constantly getting sniped by monsters a long way off. Oh well.

Ashen Garden

A replacement map32 for Doom2, by the author of the above. Was apparently his first map, not that you'd guess. Much more of a slaughter wad. Most but not all of the map is composed of rock platforms over a lava lake, somewhat reminiscent of Hell Revealed map24 or Kama Sutra map28, but smaller.