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What do you get if you cross

No, don't get cross, get even!

megawad status report

I admit for a while I had given up. It started off so well but testing map 5 was annoying. Being near the end of the first "episode" it needed to be harder, and what was happening was that I'd want to test the gameplay at the end of the map, but I'd always die before I got that far. I mean you could get there by playing carefully, but when you're playing the same thing over and over, carelessness creeps in...

Anyway excuses aside I managed to finish map 5 yesterday. I think the recent plethora of good maps has been inspiring. 5 maps is not 32 but it's a start - although I have more than just 5 maps. I also have:

Maybe Christmas 2005 was asking a bit much. Christmas 2006? Or maybe it's better not to make promises at all!