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Television is nothing but repeats

Torchwood lifted an entire episode plot from The Outer Limits


Released in 2001 at the height of the E1 revival, ch_retro was a single map for Doom that was meant to be as authentically true to episode 1 design principles as it was possible to be. A year later retroeps, an entire replacement episode was made as a sequel.

Beyond that there's not much to say! It does exactly what it set out to do. True to form, there's no plasma guns or cacodemons, barons only on e1m8 etc. There's no great amounts of detail and they're easy, but you'd expect that. The only incongruity I noticed was the use of teleporters, which are almost nonexistant in the original. ch_retro's monster teleporters could be better designed, they go off too slowly and, in one case, can break, leaving unkillable monsters.

ch_retro appears in retroeps as e1m6, with minor differences. There is also a deathmatch wad which is an update to retroeps e1m4. In summary I had a few little annoyances but it's mostly a decent set of maps for purists and I recommend it.