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I thought putting the status bar face in the top corner of the full screen HUD would be a great idea, but it is so creepy. It reminds me of this picture in a book about ghosts I had when I was very small, it was a floating head with a trickle of blood running down it, and a very evil grin. It's so creepy aargh

Pink Munchers and Pesky Imps

Best wad name ever. Otherwise, it's an E1-style map that uses E2 base textures, so more like an E2 map only without the hell corruption. It has a couple of new textures, a rather cartoony-looking yellow and black hand rail and a STARTAN variant with a line of blue lights going across it. It's quite simple, there's not much detail but there is enough.

Gameplay is rather sparse, there's quite a lot of monsters but you'll not see many at once, except for a few flash points. For instance there's one part where you open some doors and there's about 50 imps behind. But, you just retreat through a previous door and they all line up and come through two or three at a time and you just pick them off. Later on the only really nasty bit is the red key room which uses a monster teleporter. Irritatingly you only get the plasma gun after you've done that room, and you don't really need it any more. Then you have to run all the way across the base again and there's not a great deal of new monsters to fight on the way.

Overall, decent map, looks okay, plays okay, worth the download but could be better.

1fiffy remix

By Stphrz, the same author as PMAPI. To really understand 1fifrmx you need to play the original 1fiffy. Then this is a remake with roughly the same layout but a vastly better look, a proper amount of ammunition, and no bugs that prevent you from getting 100% secrets.

I really like 1fifrmx and have played it a lot. Indeed I tried to record a maxdemo but due to the slightly weird layout of the map it is easy to go the wrong way and lose time, or run past something you need later and forget to pick it up. Cells, in particular, it's much easier to remove the cyberdemon if you can muster 3 BFG shots.

Anyway yes I think you should play this, like I said I really like it.

Also if you enjoyed these, try Stphrz's other maps Shock 'em down (reviewed here somewhere) and map 28 of the NewDoom community project. Both are excellent, probably even better than these two.