02/04/2006 @21:29:14 ^22:05:37

"Official" 2.4.0

Rejoice! A new Prboom, that compiles and runs out of the box on platforms that aren't Windows!

A few weeks ago an email from Proff to e6y was posted by e6y on Doomworld about the possibility of collaboration. The result, apart from the abandoning of the experimental branch, is that there is now an "official" Prboom 2.4.0, which has incorporated bits from Prboom+ and the old experimental branch.

I'm still going to carry on with my version, though. I'm used to it now, despite the problems. That's not to say I won't rape this thing for patches, etc. (RBoom hasn't been changed much recently, mostly because all the things that annoy me about it, I have no idea how to fix)


I mentioned Rebirth three years ago and then basically forgot about it. This was a crime. It's a megawad of small maps in the same vein as TVR and deserves a lot more attention. Usual plot, the thing you killed at the end of Doom 2 has come back to life, blah blah blah. You start on a starbase then go "home" (earth, town maps etc.) then back into hell. It features:

Like I said this thing seems to have been forgotten, and not just by me! That's a crime! Play it now!