12/06/2006 @23:10:41 ^23:30:21

caco just spontaneously rebooted

Ugh, I have no idea why, there's nothing in the logs, that either means the messages got eaten as they hadn't been written to disc, or it was a hardware overheating thing and the kernel didn't even know about it before the motherboard kicked in. Makes no sense though as heat has never caused it to reboot before! On the other hand having been on for months it is probably very full of dust which doesn't help and should be removed, maybe I'll go offline in a day or two to give the thing a clean!*

Yeah yeah I'm a useless sysadmin, whatever ho. In other news I have done little else but watch football matches and pinch ugly demo compatibility hacks from prboom-plus. Good night.

*This update was really just to say that if, in the next few days, you visit this site, and find it is down, that's why