18/05/2006 @19:49:37 ^21:31:16

What does "Tormention" actually mean, anyway?

Death Tormention 3, released at the end of last year, is the third in a series of Ultimate Doom episode 4 replacements by Paul Corfiatis and Kristian Aro. It is larger and more detailed than the first two, indeed it needs a limit-removing source port, and some of the maps use Boom features. The final map needs ZDoom to work properly although it is playable in PrBoom.

So in summary we have here a solid Doom episode well worth playing. It maintains a consistent architectural style throughout. Gameplay is challenging but, after a few attempts, beatable. A few weird bits that always seems to crop up in Paul's levels (he makes a lot of joke wads as well, Spacia is one example that also features one of the pool players) E4M5 is probably the highlight, even in spite of all the backtracking and whatnot (if you manage to do it from a pistol start you'll feel very pleased with yourself!!)

Overall - ignoring E4M8 which got on my nerves - pretty much excellent.