12/03/2006 @21:26:17 ^22:07:31

Trip Report

Imagine: several hours of overly loud music from the best era of dance music ever known? What could go wrong? Let's see:

I knew nearly all the records I heard although I'm hopeless with names so I could probably only name about half of them. Such a variety of different styles of beats and even of tempos, too. I mean, there was old school hardcore, happy hardcore, jungle, drum and bass, new school breaks, house, all sorts. You go to things these days and they play one beat, one tempo. It's boring! Anyway maybe later if I can be bothered I'll post a list of names of records I can remember hearing. I won't get them all because it wasn't like I was standing there with a notebook, but, you know.

Also in a break from tradition I didn't have a hat on. In fact I was pretty nondescript, I mean I had a black t-shirt and navy blue trousers and that was it, no hat, no glow in the dark whistle. But for some reason a lot more people than usual talked to me. I don't know. Maybe it was nothing to do with that and I was just going round smiling a lot because of the music? Maybe the crowd at this type of event was friendlier than usual? Hell if I know.

Oh and also I hardly left the floor in like four hours and my legs didn't hurt much at all afterwards and certainly not when I woke up the next day, unlike the thing last month after which my back and legs hurt for a week.

So what went wrong? Get this: Nothing!