18/09/2006 @23:08:17 ^23:39:45

I am trying not to be too overly verbose and descriptive when writing these things. But how many times have I said that before?

Proxima Centauri: Town map from the start of 1995. Various buildings on a grassy plain. As usual with this type of map it helps if you know where to go first. Pretty good fun. Some of the barrels have useful stuff hidden behind them and there's places to climb up on the fountains and that. Not sure what it has to do with Earth's nearest astronomical neighbour though.

Pandora's Pox: (not sure if the name is a typo or a deliberate pun...) Gloomy techbase map. Has a plotline that gives it some atmosphere. Interesting use of the start blinking tag to simulate a power failure - this isn't often used nowadays, which is fair enough because if every wad did it it'd be annoying. But I haven't seen it in ages, so it worked quite well! Some bugs and other oddities, e.g. lack of a yellow key. Apparently this was done to make doors that can only be opened in deathmatches. Some windows have shutters with missing textures and there's a teleporter that doesn't work. Predictable, just another release the monster, snatch the key and run map, but enjoyable and I thought worth playing.