24/01/2006 @21:21:39 ^21:53:55

What should I call my Doom engine

I don't know what to call it and since I have recorded some demos with it which I would like to post on Doomworld I suppose I'll need to fix its name. I'll probably have to release the code or at least prove somehow I'm not cheating but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. Anyway here is the current list of potential candidates.





Personally I think it's between rboom and droom. I have no qualms about dropping the Boom association; Prboom, in spite of being based just as much on MBF and LxDoom as it is based on Boom, doesn't feel the need to have either of those names shoehorned into it somehow. Well anyway email me if you have my address; if you don't I probably don't value your opinion highly enough (that was a joke)