27/09/2006 @09:20:31 ^09:59:09

No standing under the cadavers

A few weeks ago I came up with a hack that allows the player to walk underneath solid hanging bodies. As Doom engines with proper 3d thing movement clipping have come to prominence mappers have been more and more lax with the placement of hanging bodies that block the player, as in such engines you can just walk underneath them regardless. Examples, of which there are many, include

I ported the patch to PrBoom-Plus as a so-called "compatibility with common mapping errors"* option. Yesterday it was accepted and incorporated into svn head. So, hooray for that, it might make some people happy.

* A number of options PrBoom itself doesn't have; they exist as workarounds for maps that were built as either Doom-plus** or Boom maps but only tested with ZDoom. You know, walk triggers in front of switches, zero tags on linedefs to implicitly work on the linedefs back sector, null reject lumps as a substitute for an all-zeroed reject table, etc.

** I use "Doom-plus map" to mean "map requiring limit-removing source port" because to me it sounds tremendously awkward when people say "limit-removing or Boom-compatible map". The map itself doesn't remove any limits, it needs an engine that does. Doom-plus is an impressively hack of doom2.exe by the author of PrBoom-plus that has raised visplane limits, etc.