09/05/2006 @15:06:27 ^15:48:45

Industrial: probably will be the last time I play this

Continuing with shit I played in 2002 we have Industrial. I've mentioned this before a couple of times.

This map goes on and on forever, it's like six levels joined together or something. Hardly any of the sections have any relation to any of the others, they're almost entirely disconnected other than having to do all of them in order to open the next one. There are invisible doors everywhere which you have to find to make progress. It's really annoying and takes absolutely ages - the first time I did this map it took 5 hours of game time, this time I got it down to 2 but still that is ridiculous.

Furthermore it's stuffed with monsters, over 1300 of them. However the size of the level means they're fairly thinly distributed - for the most part. In fact what happens is that every so often you get a trap where the monster density ramps up to unmanageable proportions. See for example the room with the super shotgun in, if you even can be bothered to get that far.

The map divides into sections

The sting in the tail is that to get into the exit you have to creep along a tiny ledge that unfortunately is blocked by a torch below if you're not using a port that does proper 3d thing clipping. However I have recently discovered that it is possible to strafejump past it, something which I didn't know was possible four years ago. So I guess I'm still improving as a player then!!

Seriously it's probably not worth the bother. Read Doom underground's review, it's pretty funny, especially the part about "monster" levels.