31/01/2007 @16:31:51 ^17:05:19

Shades of Grey - a tiny techbase (like a couple of rooms) in some caves under a mountain. Very short and quite easy, the only difficult part was the teleporting archvile, which is easy to avoid due to a level bug. People just can't design proper monster teleporters can they? It's not bad but a little dull and the relatively high level of detail doesn't make up for it. Another one of those "what doom maps would have been like if doom builder had existed in 1994" ones.

MDL.WAD - some guy's first set of Doom levels, replaces episode 1 with some very simple constructions. Very easy, has insane amounts of ammunition available. Probably not worth the bother.

Das Labor - large, maze-like map with a very randomised texture theme. Quite detailed though - another product of highly-automated map editors with time saving features I think. Stuffed with over 2000 monsters, and a severe lack of health. I just about managed to get through using savegames, but had to resort in one part to using the IDBEHOLD cheat to give myself extra radsuits as running round a lava maze with 9% health on small stepping stones to find a key while chased by a hundred monsters was never going to happen. This was all right but the lack of health was very frustrating.

Gyrotechnics - A tiny, partially-outdoor, overly detailed techbase. High monster density and ammunition is quite tight but it's a very good map nonetheless. This was originally a speedmap; the original, itself also surprisingly detailed for something presumably made in under two hours, was also included. But then again, as I said earlier, they do have editors now that do everything for you.