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Summer Time

The clocks go forward an hour so it gets dark an hour later, so you save an hour's energy in the evening. But you have to put the lights on for an extra hour in the morning?!

Subversion's profligate use of disk space*

rjy@vile:/tmp$ svn co file:///svn/rboom/trunk rboom-working
rjy@vile:/tmp$ svn export file:///svn/rboom/trunk rboom-export
rjy@vile:/tmp$ du -hs rboom-*
5.0M	rboom-export
11M	rboom-working

It annoys me that it insists on keeping two copies of every file, even when the repository is local, or otherwise accessed over a fast connection (for some value of "fast") Also, why the hell does it fill working copies with temporary files when you do a merge, and then totally fail to clean them up afterwards? (Hint: have a look in .svn/tmp) This seems to be a new thing in Etch, the version in Sarge never did it.

* Disk space isn't as cheap or as large as you think it is. It's unreliable and needs backing up regularly. Typically a CD/DVDRW drive will be used. Therefore you must keep at least half or possibly as much as two thirds of the drive free, in order to have room to make a tarball of the existing data and split it into appropriately-sized pieces.


1squares.wad - possibly the original slaughter wad? It's pretty boring though, as the gameplay is the same all the way round (open door to roomful of monsters, use door as choke point, kill them as they move into the doorway) Not much opportunity to get a huge infight going.

xenosx9 - 9 deathmatch maps, but each has a small population of monsters. Quite good fun, can get top-heavy sometimes.

Congestion Control / Congestion Control 2 - from 2003, replayed recently. Good-looking, lots of detail, weird texture theme though, they use pretty much all the themes they can in the same level. Kind of like Doom E2/E3 in that respect (but with a lot more detail, obviously) Gameplay: not as hard as I remember. The sequel in particular is so overstuffed with ammunition it's almost trivial. Both highly recommendable nonetheless.