28/07/2007 @08:40:09 ^09:43:02

Perfunctory Update

Okay so I basically dropped off the internet completely for a while to avoid spoilers for some book or other. It worked - I wasn't spoiled at all. Several of my own guesses were correct, though.

Token Archvile is all but finished. I have a few things still to do like setting up seventy-odd sky transfer linedefs but hopefully that can be largely automated (There are programs like wadl(d)c from xwadtools that can turn a map into a text file, which can be helpful for certain tasks) By the way, uniq(1) - where the hell has your -W option gone?

I had the best game of nethack going but I did something really fucking stupid and died. That was nearly two weeks ago and I'm still not over it. To cut a long story short I accidentally committed human sacrifice in a temple and the priest killed me. The worst part is, this isn't the first time I've managed to do this.

Finally, this update should have been about the entire series of Kaiser_* wads which I've been saying for years that I should play. I have done so and I have notes but I don't feel much like writing them up.