21/03/2007 @21:33:37 ^21:49:01

Quick post about Vae Victus since it's now like six months old and I keep putting it off. Two seven-map wads, one from early 2005 which I totally missed, but played after the sequel was released.

They have a similar theme, you start off with techbases, then some castles and fortresses, ending up in hell. The "hell" part of the original is very much inspired by Deus Vult, I mean it's practically the same in a few places.

The first has obvious problems with zdoomisms including solid hanging bodies in tall sectors, implicit passuse and maps with monsters at extreme distance and height difference which were obviously placed by someone more used to having mouselook.

The sequel is largely bug-free, and as I said, quite easy. All the maps are doable from pistol starts without much trouble, and indeed you can quite easily do a mission run of all seven maps if you have an hour to waste.

I definitely recommend you play VV2. VV is worth a download, but you will need to cheat in a couple of places and probably not bother getting 100% kills.

Links: Vae Victus, Vae Victus II