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This should probably be read in conjunction with part 1 of the Spells spoiler.

You get an enormous penalty if you fail to satisfy the following inequality

6S + X/3 >= 4L - 5

where S is your skill in the spell's school - 0, 1, 2 or 3 for unskilled, basic, skilled and expert respectively - X is your experience level, and L is the spell's level. The penalty is large enough that the spell is all but unusable if you fail to satisfy the inequality*

For each spell level and skill, we can calculate the minimum experience level you have to be to cast (omitted if above 30 or below 1):


Useful inferences can be made from this table and knowing the level and school of each spell.

* Of course if you lack sufficiently high spellcasting intelligence, or are wearing too much metal armour, you're not going to be able to cast anyway; or you might be wearing a spellcaster's robe, which improves your chances. I have not taken any of that into account, most of this is written from the point of view of a post-quest wizard, which was the stage I was at when I worked all this stuff out.