17/03/2007 @13:54:26 ^14:39:04


When the renewal of my domain name came up recently I decided to merge my sites. Well not instantly, you know me I can't make an instant decision over anything, in fact I've been thinking about doing this for like most of a year and I did most of the work a month ago, but, never mind. Anyway, two reasons: firstly it's easier and there's less messing about, but mostly because well it's about time I stopped using a brand name based on using RISC OS. I mean I hardly use those computers any more. It's sad but there you go. (Recall the ARCH part of anARCHy is from Archimedes, the whole word being a system type in Elite)

The namespaces don't overlap except for the root, and there wasn't anything but ssh key fingerprints in troa.ath.cx's root and so they can go. Besides it was totally insecure, if someone hijacked my dns they could just put up a replacement page with new key fingerprints on and nobody would be any the wiser.

I've used this fancy thing called HTML::Template which makes a few things easier, and generally just tidied up the code. Casualties include the tracklist which I will probably eventually move offsite with the mp3s. Plans for the future, well, maybe I'll change my mind and make a news feed and turn SNAFU into a Planet clone, who knows? I mean I was going to do that before, until I realised RSS is horribly retarded. Also there are a few CSS tweaks I could make. Finally I want to make a local mirror of /idgames with a frontend that doesn't annoy the frogs out of me but that's a long way off.

Feel free to use whatever domain name you like to link to here, although I suppose the ones with "rjy" in them are preferred. Also I refuse to make any guarantees I won't break everything at some point in the future but you knew that anyway.